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TRA Pre–Arrival Declaration Procedure As Import Procedure

TRA Recruitment Portal TRA Export Procedures Export means to take or cause goods to be taken out of partner states. TRA Authorized Economic Operators Program AEO TRA Pre–Arrival Declaration Procedure As Import Procedure TRA Import procedures Jinsi ya Kujisajili na Kuomba Kazi Kupitia TRA Recruitment Portal TRA JOB VACANCIES 2023 - Nafasi Za Kazi TRA 2023

TRA Pre–Arrival Declaration Procedure As Import Procedure

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The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) was established by Act of Parliament No. 11 of 1995, and started its operations on 1st July 1996.  In carrying out its statutory functions, TRA is regulated by law, and is responsible for administering impartially various taxes of the Central Government.

Pre – Arrival Declaration Procedure

What is Pre – Arrival Declaration?

Pre – Arrival Declaration is the facility in the clearance system which allows the Importer/Agent to start the clearance procedures of the goods before the arrival of the goods at the entry point.

This facility helps the importer to accomplish some of the procedures before arrival of the goods hence reduce the time to be spent for clearance of the goods upon arrival of the goods.

Initial process starts with the importer through his/her appointed Clearing and Forwarding Agent (CFA).


The facility is applied to all imports with exception to importation of fuel (white products), goods imported through Post Parcel and courier services, Temporary Imported goods, Goods cleared under Provision declarations and Transit declarations

The facility enables the importer to know the amount of duties and taxes to be paid in a particular transaction prior to arrival of goods.

Verification of Goods

The imported goods are subjected to selectivity which determines whether the goods are directly released (GREEN), undergo documentary check /scanned (YELLOW) or physically verified (RED). The determination of the selectivity is done by the system through the use of risk management whereby the parameters including origin of the goods, importer, Agent and type of goods. Goods are examined and released from Port, border station or Airport.


1. The importer through his/her Agent lodges the document to the system electronically attaching the supporting documents

2. If declaration is “Rejected” CFA is supposed to submit afresh declaration to accommodate TANCIS requirement

3. TANSAD will be processed to payment stage before manifest is submitted

4. Cargo Manifest write-off is shifted to a Customs Release Order stage (CRO)

5. CFA will get Acceptance Notice with a Payment Notice generated based on declared Values

6. CFA will get Amendment Acceptance Notice once amendment and validation check are completed. If the officer rejects the amendment CFA will get Amendment Rejection Notice for TANSAD, otherwise officer will rework on the document classification, valuation and verification

TRA Import procedures Jinsi ya Kujisajili na Kuomba Kazi Kupitia TRA Recruitment Portal TRA JOB VACANCIES 2023 - Nafasi Za Kazi TRA 2023

7. Once verification is completed, the results will be registered by the officer

8. Verification results will be submitted to the supervisor for approval

9. CFA will receive Assessment Notice

10. CFA has to accept or object the Assessment Notice

11. CFA has to object the officer Assessment through Integrated Query System (IQS)

12. If CFA accept the Notice and the assessment have increased compared to the declared values, an Additional Payment Notice will be generated within the assessment notice. This payment notice value will be the difference of the final amount and initial generated payment notice.

13. If there is a discrepancy between manifest data and declaration, CFA will receive Clearance Suspension Notice. CFA will need to amend the declaration as guided by inspection results and re-submit.

14. When Payment is received, inspection completed accordingly, CFA will receive Release Order for the respective goods.

How long does this process take before getting my goods?

A total number of 24 hours (1 day) has been set for processing of Pre-Arrival Declarations from registration to issuance of the necessary clearance report (A-PAD) for PADs submitted with or upon receipt of sufficient documentation that meet the required standard.

The P-PAD for PADs submitted with complete set of final documents should be processed and issued within 24 hours.


The P-PADs for PADs registered without complete set of final documents should be processed and issued 24 hours after receipt of the same, i.e if the final documents are received after two weeks, the process starts that day.

1. After lodgment of TANSAD and payment of duties if any, selectivity will be conducted within 24 hrs. Goods are selected for

2. Direct release (green), will get the release order from the port or entry point, those selected for documentary check will be checked at Customs Service Centre (CSC), and

3. Those selected for physical verification are examined and release at the port and point of entry.

TRA Pre – Arrival Declaration Procedure


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