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Top Paying Jobs in Canada

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Top Paying Jobs in Canada

Top-paying skilled jobs in Canada are plentiful. Canada is one of the most populous countries in the world, with a population of over 36 million people.

The Canadian government has promised to provide good jobs and opportunities to all citizens, including immigrants.

If your occupation is on the list below, you may be able to live and work in Canada and make a good living.

Why Should You Consider Moving to Canada?

While there are numerous reasons to consider migrating to Canada, the most important is that there is enough work for foreigners in Canada. In reality, the Canadian government reports that there are over one million job openings for immigrants to choose from! Continue reading to learn more about the highest-paying skilled jobs in Canada.

Getting a Job in Canada

You will be able to find work in any field or industry, including health care and education, as well as construction and manufacturing.

If you’re looking for work in an industry where demand outnumbers supply, such as healthcare or education, you may be eligible for permanent residency in Canada.

Top Paying Skilled Jobs in Canada

While Canada pays its workers more wages than many other countries, there are some jobs where you can make a better salary.

Here is a list of the top paying skilled jobs in Canada.

1. Health Services

2. Technology Related-Fields

3. Trades

4. Engineering

5. Client Services

1. Health Care Services

This is number one on the list of the highest-paying skilled jobs in Canada. The health-care system is the backbone of Canada’s high standard of living.

Health-care workers were critical to the country’s population and economy’s survival.

Because they have a lot of responsibility and must study for a long time, health-care personnel are well compensated.

Highest Paying Health Service Jobs

Jobs NOC Annual Salary
Vet 3114 $98,964
Pharmacist 3131 $106,558
Registered Nurse 3012 $81,729

2. Technology Related-Fields

Companies are seeking to hire new personnel in the IT field to keep the economy thriving, which is why there is so much work for foreigners in Canada. Job growth in the technology sector has outpaced that of other industries.

A career in information technology provides a diverse breadth of work, excellent salary, and numerous job prospects.

Highest Paying Tech Related Jobs

Jobs NOC Annual Salary
Cyber Security Analyst 2281 $108,474
IT Support & Network Admin 2172 $91,271
Web Developer

3. Trades

Although the majority of the occupations on this list require a bachelor’s degree and years of experience, there are a few high-paying specialized jobs that may be obtained with a trade school or even years of experience.

Having a license to operate or build particular machinery can benefit you and your budget. You may want to checkout top paying trade jobs in Canada

Highest Paying Trade Jobs

Jobs NOC Annual Salary
Plumber N/A $75,542
Truck Driver 7511 $62,647
Welder 7237 $56,550

Top Paying Jobs in Canada How to Get a Job in Canada How to Find Work in Toronto

4. Engineering

Working as an engineer in Canada could be so satisfying. This broad category encompasses a wide range of engineering disciplines.

You can call yourself an engineer if you can skillfully design and create a model or system, whether you’re dealing with software and code or aircraft machinery.

Assuring that the design and arrangement of critical components are right is a huge responsibility, hence the position pays well.

Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

Jobs NOC Annual Salary
Software Engineer 2073 $135,000
Electrical Engineer 2133 $112,976
Industrial Engineer 2141 $87,966

5. Client Services

Client services range from Human Resources Management to Administrative Assistants, but they all aim to ensure that individuals in need of assistance, businesses looking to simplify their projects, and teams looking to strategise are satisfied.

A university degree and years of experience are required for high-paying jobs in this field. With these salaries, you may live and work in Canada while also enjoying the country’s delights.

Highest Paying Client Service Jobs

Jobs NOC Annual Salary
Human Resources 0112 $153,984
Financial Advisors 1114 $108,137
Accountants 1111 $82,667

Landing A Top Paying Skilled Jobs in Canada

In Canada, there are many different ways to live and work. You can work on a temporary or permanent basis and apply for a visa based on your needs.

As a skilled worker, you can apply for permanent residency through the Express Entry System’s Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Job Opportunities for Skilled Workers

For skilled workers, there are several job opportunities in Canada. You can find immigrant sponsorship jobs in Canada or look for any jobs in Canada for foreigners that interests you and begin your new life in Canada immediately.

In terms of jobs, Canada has a lot to offer. It is an excellent area to live and work for foreigners.

FAQS – Lucrative Skilled Worker Jobs in Canada

How much does a skilled worker earn in Canada?

The average skilled worker earns about $19.50 per hour, or $38,025 per year. This is determined by your educational background and years of experience.

An entry-level skilled professional will earn roughly $29,250, whereas a skilled professional with more experience will earn $54, 240.

What are my options for finding work in Canada?

You can look for work in Canada in a variety of ways. Searching the internet for companies that hire foreign skilled labor is one of the most effective methods.

Another good alternative is to look at Job Bank, which is associated with the government. Of course, you can contact recruiters or search for jobs on top job search sites

What types of work permits are available in Canada?

The sort of occupation you have and the geographic location of your work will determine if you need a Canadian work permit.

Some temporary licenses allow you to work all across Canada, while others are employer-specific, limiting who you can work for and where you can work.


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