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Title of the book usually has a close relationship to the main ideas

Setting is an important element used by the authors to deliver the message in the society Figures Of Speech Are Used By Novelists To Title Of The Book Titles Of Books Usually Have A Close Relationship Explain how the behaviour of some characters affects the welfare of the majority in the society Analyze bad traits which should not be adopted in Tanzanian context By using Two Characters Analyse the source of conflicts in the two novels that you have studied The authors use conflicts to present different issues in their literary works Like men women are equally capable of contributing to the welfare of the society How the author of two novels you have read deliver their message effectively to the readers The choice of content in their novels

Title of the book usually has a close relationship to the main ideas

Titles of books usually have a close relationship to the main ideas/messages found in them. Use two novels you have read to show how the titles of those books have a relationship to the message given.

 The titles of the books usually have a great connection to the main content or message of the book. The authors select titles that summarise the main content.

This can be verified by using the novel “Unanswered cries” by and “Passed Like A shadow” by B. Mapalala.

The cries of Eddy to have Olabisi back is not answered. Edward Cole apologises for what he did to Olabisi when he betrays her by revealing their relationship to Salaam Sessay who later humiliates her in the court in front of her daddy.

Eddy’s cry is not answered as Olabisi kicks him and runs away signifying the end of their relationship.

The cry of Makalay to have her daughter Olabisi circumcised went unanswered. Makalay wanted to bring her daughter back but due to corruption and betrayal of Pa-Amadu -The hunter who given a task by Makalay to look for Olabisi in which case he would be given a goat if he succeeded to find her.

Unfortunately, she finds her and receives some money from her and helps her to escape. This shows corruption and betrayal make people fail to reach some intended goals.

The cries of bondo women are not answered. The cries of whole traditional society led by Ya Posseh in wanting all their girls to be circumcised including Olabisi are not answered.

They claim it up to the court demanding that their cause is right and defend their position but eventually the court judge gives a decision against them. This is to say their cries were not answered.

The cries of young girl in the bondo camp went unanswered. There is a literal cry that is made by a young lady but her cry is literally unanswered. Look at the following paragraph from page 29.“Suddenly the bondo women started pounding their drums and the whole camp broke into a song.

The shriek of the girl was drown. Her cries went unanswered. Her clothes and pants were torn off her body. She fought like a wild cat, kicking and punching and shrieking and scratching. Without any success.”

Also the book “Passed like a shadow” highlights the following relationship between the title and the content.

Living a worthless life on earth that leaves no any memorable mark is having passed on this earth like a shadow. It is like you never existed because no one will remember you. You become like a shadow that vanishes away when the sun disappears in the clouds.

Referring to the song sung by Kinyamasika pupils on Parents day. The author shows that people pass like a shadow if they did nothing for which to be remembered.

Adyeri’s family, passes like a shadow. The book presents the fact that AIDS pandemic has invaded the whole of Uganda and washes people away in large numbers and within a very short time.

Adyeri’s family vanishes within a short time leaving only one family member (Abooki) who is HIV free. Adyeri dies followed by Amoti. Although Atwoki is still alive at the end of the book it is obvious that he is also going to die as he is HIV positive.

David’s family also passes like a shadow. Within a very short time also David’s family members die of the pandemic. David, his father his mother and their house girl all fall victims of HIV and it is suspected that it is the house girl who infected them all.

This is compared to the shadow that disappears quickly when the sun disappears in the clouds.

Aliganyira’s family passes like a shadow. Aliganyira and Vick are also on their deathbed. They are infected due to their belief in superstition. When Vick is unable to conceive they go to the witchdoctor instead of going to the hospital. Vicky gets the disease and passes it over to the husband. Both are going to pass like a shadow.

Apart from these families the whole society in Uganda and Tanzania people are passing like a shadow. AIDS is killing people so quickly and in large numbers. Many people have acquired the disease unawares and ignorantly spread it unknowingly.

For example Birungi, and the sick people in the Witchdoctors hut are a case in point. The whole community is passing away like a shadow.

Generally, the authors of literary works select the titles carefully to carry the message across and to provide a clue of what the book is about. However we are cautioned not to rely much on the titles when judging the book since some books contain ironical titles (the opposite of what actually happens in the book)


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