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Analyse the source of conflicts in the two novels that you have studied

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Analyse the source of conflicts in the two novels that you have studied

Analyse the source of conflicts in the two novels that you have studied in this section, giving four points from each reading.

Conflict refers to the misunderstanding between two people or groups. Conflicts arise due to difference in ideology. Conflicts are caused by different sources. This can be verified by two novels UNANSWERED CRIES by Osman Conteh and PASSED LIKE A SHADOW by Benard Mapalala where the authors have tried to show the source of conflict in their literary works.

Starting with the novel UNANSWERED CRIES the author has analyzed the source of conflict as follows:

Female Genital Mutilation is a source of conflict. This is the act of removing the part of female reproductive organ. Female genital mutilation causes the conflict between Makalay and Olabisi. This happen when Makalay wanted Olabisi to be circumcised in order to be a real woman.

Thus Olabisi refuse to be circumcised and runs away to town led Makalay to seek for her till the case went to the court where the solution came out that Olabisi should not be circumcised against her will.

Conflict caused by betrayal. Betrayal is the act of going against the agreement and being disloyal to someone. In the novel we see Edward Cole is betraying Olabisi in the court by revealing their secret relationship that they have sexed several times.

This led conflict between Edward Cole and Olabisi. The solution of this conflict Olabisi told Eddy that they should not know each other anymore.

Womanizing behaviour is a source of conflict. Womanization is the situation whereby a man has sexual relationship with many women.

In the novel Ade Jones was womanizer thus cause conflict between Ade Jones and Makalay. This conflict led to break down of the family.

Corruption causes conflict beteen Makalay and Pa Amadu. This happen when Pa Amadu given a task by Makalay to look for Olabisi in which case he would be given a goat if he succeeded to find her.

Unfortunately, he finds her and receives some money from her and helps her to escape. This proved when Olabisi says:

I ran back and… bumped into this man a hunter. He said if I gave him enough money to buy two goats instead of one, he would show me a way out of the forest instead of taking me back to my mother.

Coming to the novel PASSED LIKE A SHADOW the author has discussed the source of conflict as follows:


Drunkenness is also a source of conflict. This causes conflict between Adyeri and Amoti. This happen when Adyeri returns home while drunkard and starts beating his children and disturbing his wife thus caused Amoti to be beaten. This solution of this conflict was Amoti to cool down.

Rapping causes a conflict. This is a source of conflict between John and Abooki. This happen when John plays trick with Abooki by putting drugs into the drink which makes Abooki sleep unconscious and found herself naked on the John’s bed.

This led the conflict between John and Abooki where the solution they went to HIV test where she found that she has HIV negative.

Superstition is also a source of conflict. This causes conflict between Vicky and her husband Aluganyira. This occurs when the two want a baby and therefore Aluganyira forced Vicky to go to the witchdoctor in order to have a baby where the conflict begin since Vicky was not willing to go there. At last, they went to witchdoctor hence end up acquiring HIV/AIDS.

Poor upbringing is also another source of conflict. This causes a conflict between Atwoki and Adyeri, his father. This happen when Adyeri was irresponsible and has poor upbringing to his children.

Therefore, Atwoki is forced to move from home due to constant conflicts with Daddy and poor upbringing. This led him acquires the disease in exile, hence passed like a shadow.

Conclusively, it is true that Conflicts are not occurred without a reason thus the authors have used their literary works to show different sources that result into misunderstanding between people.


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