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Teachers Training | Mafunzo ya Ualimu ~ Online Application 2021/2022 | Apply Now

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Teachers Training | Mafunzo ya Ualimu ~ Online Application 2021/2022 | Apply Now

Core functions of The Ministry of Education

Ministry’s core functions are:-

1. Policies on Education, Research, Library Services, Science, Technology, Innovation, Skills, Training Development and their implementation;

2. Basic Education Development through Teachers Training Accreditation and Professional Development;

3. Talents Identification and Development;

4. Management of Folk Development Training;

5. Management of National Qualification Framework;

6. Skills Mapping and Development;

7. Teachers’ Professional Standards Development;

8. Schools Accreditation and Quality Assurance;

9. Education Press Services;

10. Promotion of Application of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics;

11. Development of Local Expertise in Science, Technology and Innovation;

12. Research on Science and Technology;

13. Performance Improvement and Development of Human Resources under this Ministry;

14. Extra-Ministerial Departments, Parastatal Organizations, Agencies, Programmes and Projects under this Ministry.

MOE – Call For Application Of Joining Teaching Colleges 2021/22, Call For Application Of Joining Teaching Colleges 2021 The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is announcing teacher training vacancies at the Diploma level in Secondary Education. Applicants for this course are Form Six graduates who have passed Division  1 to 3 (I-III).


General Qualifications for Joining Teacher Training Internship level Diploma in Teaching Secondary Education is a:

1. Form Six graduate with a pass in Grade I-III at the level of two (02) Principal Pass subjects of secondary education form I-IV.


2. In addition to applicants for which one of the two Principal Pass is Economics, they can apply for courses in Physical Education and sports, Music, Fine Arts, and Theater. and Performing Arts).


1. This announcement applies to Form Six graduates who graduated from 2015 to 2021; Applicants for Teacher Training in Government Teacher Training Colleges are required to register and apply online (tcm.moe.go.tz);

2. Applicants for Teacher Training for Non-Governmental Colleges should submit their applications to the colleges where they wish to study and the relevant colleges should submit the qualifications of applicants to the Tanzania Examinations Council for verification;

3. Applicants for Teacher Training in Government Colleges will choose up to three (03) specials starting with the one they like best;
Applicants for on-the-job training positions must have qualified for Diploma or Degree level teacher training; Teachers at Work will be required to attach a letter of permission from their employers;

3. Responses for those who will be selected to join the Teacher Training Training for Government Teachers Colleges will be provided through the “account” used by the applicant to apply for Teacher Training from 03/08/2021 and at the selected Colleges;

4. Letters and forms for joining the Training will be provided through the website of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (moe.go.tz) and the College to which the applicant will be assigned using his or her address.

5. All applicants are advised to enter the full address, email and telephone number available for further communication;

The deadline for applications is: 01/08/2021




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