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NIDA Namna ya Kupata Kitambulisho | How to Access Online Copy

JINSI YA KUPATA NAMBA AU KITAMBULISHO CHA NIDA NIDA Namna ya Kupata Kitambulisho | How to Access Online Copy

NIDA Namna ya Kupata Kitambulisho | How to Access Online Copy


The idea of ​​establishing National Identity Cards for Tanzanian citizens and foreigners living in Tanzania was born in 1968 at the Interstate Intelligence Gathering session which included delegates from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

At that time Kenya and Zambia already had their National Identity Cards. It was decided that in order to strengthen security relations based on the rule of law in the four countries, Uganda and Tanzania must also issue National Identity Cards to their citizens.

There have been various efforts by the Government to ensure that all Tanzanians and foreigners are provided with National Identity Cards, but these efforts have not been able to bear long-awaited fruit due to various reasons.

In 1986 the Government enacted the Identity Act which did not apply to its regulations.

It is clear that at this time there is a great need to have National Identity Cards according to the prevailing circumstances. The establishment of the East African Community where the five countries are united and agreed that the people of those countries can visit each other without interruption has also increased the importance of having IDs. It should be noted that Tanzania is the only country in the Community that does not have a National Identity Card.

The feasibility of a National Identification Survey conducted in 2006 has shown that the Project is being implemented. The report also outlined the estimated cost of the project and how the project will be implemented where the “Smartcard” technology will be used as agreed by the Cabinet in a meeting held in Dodoma in February, 2007.

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete has already signed the Certificate of Approval of the establishment of a National Identification Authority (NIDA). This document has been published in Government Gazette, GN No.122 dated 01/08/2008.

In addition, in its meeting on February 3, 2007, the Cabinet directed the formation of a Steering Committee of Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Departments and Units dealing with key issues regarding National Identity Cards. This committee will, among other things, be responsible for providing guidance and direction for Project programs.

The Council also decided that Gotham International Limited’s (GIL) feasibility study should be the Project Implementation Guide and the Company was appointed as the Project Advisor.

In another step, the Government directed that various reports on the implementation of the project, including that of the winner of the tender for the contractor to design the National Identity System system, be submitted to the Cabinet for his approval.

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NIDA (National Identification Authority) is a public institution in Tanzania assigned the responsibility and mandate of registering its citizens.

Hence, the institution issue National ID Cards to everyone that has met the legal requirement and is of legal age. This includes refugees.

Also, the governmental institution holds the database for its citizen’s identity to improve national security. The organization shares its data with interested parties through different platforms, like the National ID Verification Portal and many more.

They have updated their services to provide NIDA online copy for those looking to access a duplicate of their identity cards. Therefore, their services are essential to Tanzania’s entire population.

NIDA Namna ya Kupata Kitambulisho | How to Access Online Copy

How to access NIDA online copy?

Only stakeholders can access the NIDA Copy online services. Therefore, you ought to be registered before logging in to the platform.

Every user can access the portal to create a PIN code that they will utilize to access the database.

When they launched the NIDA online ID copy, they gave out clear instructions on how one can access the service.

1. Visit www.nida.go.tz and on the menu region, press “Identity Card Online Copy.”

2. Write your National Identification Number (NIN) and then answer the ensuing questions.

3. Once done, press the download button. You have completed your NIDA online copy download and it will be saved to your Computer or Phone

4. Check to your Pc/Phone on Downloads and Open the File

Download Your National ID (NIDA),2021 Here

The NIDA ID copy online service is only available for those who already have their National Identification Number (NIN)

If you have forgotten your NIN, you can dial *150&00#, then press 3 to access your details. Follow the prompts until you get your number.

The Tanzanian government, through NIDA, has extended excellent services for people looking to verify, register, or get copies of their NIN.

NIDA online copy is one of a kind platform that other governmental institutions ought to borrow, more so the Social Security Services sector.

NIDA Namna ya Kupata Kitambulisho | How to Access Online Copy

DOWNLOAD NIDA online copy here

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