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NIDA ID Online Copy – How to Apply NIDA Number & Online Copy

NIDA ID Online Copy

Welcome to our website, in this article you will find NIDA ID Online Copy – How to Apply NIDA Number & Online Copy: How to Apply NIDA Number Online, How to Get NIDA Online Copy, NIDA Tanzania, Kitambulisho cha NIDA, NIDA Number, NIDA ID, Mfumo wa maombi ya Kitambulisho cha Taifa – NIDA

National ID application system

This is a service that enables the National ID applicant (Citizen or resident alien) to fill out the National ID application form electronically from anywhere. After filling the form, the applicant will be required to print it and submit it together with other documents to the NIDA Office (district) near him to complete the registration of biometric marks


1. Applicant’s birth certificate

2. Copy of birth certificate / oath of one parent.

3. If the applicant’s citizenship is the heirs: verify with a copy of the birth certificate or a copy of the National ID of one parent.

4. If the applicant’s citizenship is registered, verify with a copy of the applicant’s registered citizenship (Dossier Number).

Important things to consider when filling the form

1. The applicant must have an email address that he will use to register and receive a link that will enable him to complete his registration.

2. The applicant must have at least two documents that will be used to prove his identity. Examples of those documents are; Birth certificate etc

3. The applicant must scan his documents and put them in PDF format (no more than one page per attachment) or images in JPG or PNG format.

4. It is important for the Applicant to fill in his mobile phone number.

5. The applicant must attach a birth certificate if he was born in 1980 and onwards. In addition, if the Applicant was born before 1980, he must attach a birth certificate or “Affidavit”

6. For Applicants with other names; it is good to write those names so that in case there is a need to modify their names it is easy to recognize

7. The applicant must know the names of his father and mother.

8. An applicant who has National Identification Numbers (NIN) of his/her parents; he is required to keep the original documents (for parents who have already obtained national identification cards).

9. The applicant must know the house number, street and ward where he lives.

10. For Tanzanians who are abroad, they need to obtain proof of residency in the relevant country from the Tanzanian Embassy Officer to fill in the residence, Street/County correctly.

11. If the Applicant has obtained School certificates, Taxpayer Number (TIN) and Voter’s Card; it is better to attach.

12. The applicant must fill in the Form correctly and ensure that his/her attachments and the information he/she fills in the system do not conflict with other information, such as School or Business information.

13. The applicant must fill in his information correctly, and print the information in a form and go to the Local Government Office where he lives to get the Seal and Signature of his Local Chairman.

14. The applicant must arrive at the NIDA Office located in his District of residence with a completed form (Form stamped and signed by the Local Government Chairman), along with hard copies of the attachments he uploaded in the system during registration to complete the procedures of registration.

15. For the Applicant who needs to get additional information; do not hesitate to come to the nearest NIDA office.


To create NIDA Account you must have the following:-

i. Email Address e. [email protected]

ii. You have to create your own Password

NB: Password Must Contain/Password Must Contain :-

<> 7 to 15 characters / letters 7 to 15

<> at least one numeric digit / at least 1 digit

<> at least one special character

iii. Confirm your Password by Writing Again your Password 

>> Password verification is mandatory

iv. Choose your Citizen Type whether the Normal Citizen, Legal Resident or Refugee

v. Enter the capture word that will appear during NIDA Account Opening – Enter the given letter or text

v. Click on Create Account / Open Account as shown below


NIDA ID Online Copy – How to Apply NIDA Number & Online Copy

To log in to the NIDA Account you must enter

i. Enter your Email Address that you used to create Account

ii. Enter Your Password created during NIDA Account Creation

iii. Enter the Character or text given in the space provided below the CAPTCHA

iv. Click Log in or Ingia

v. After Logged In Continue Filling the Required Information.

For Registered User   Click Here to Log in

If Not Yet Registered  Click Here to Register

For Any Inquires Use the Following Contacts

Kuona Mahali Kilipo Kitambulisho Chako CLICK HERE

For More Info Kindly Visit NIDA OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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