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Nafasi za Kazi At Harrison Uwata Girls Secondary School

Nafasi za Kazi At Harrison Uwata Girls Secondary School Best Government Secondary Schools In Tanzania Best  Advance Government Schools 2022 Government Secondary Schools in Arusha Region

Nafasi za Kazi At Harrison Uwata Girls Secondary School

Teachers Job Opportunities At Harrison Uwata Girls Secondary School

Job opportunities at Harrison Uwata Girls Secondary school

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HARRISON UWATA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL is a Faith based boarding Secondary High school for girls covering from Pre-form One to Form Six.

This school is one of the newest schools in Mbeya city which has best academic performance record since its establishment in March 2010. The school is owned by Uamsho Wa Wakristo


Tanzania (UWATA), being registered by Ministry of Education and Vocational Training with registration number S. 4143.

The school is now an exponent of quality and progress, occupying a prominent place in the field of Secondary and Higher education in Tanzania Job opportunities at Harrison Uwata Girls Secondary school.


As a modern institution designed for the acquisition of scientific, artistic, and technological knowledge, the School provides most of the subjects taught in secondary schools and all Arts and Commercial combinations for higher level.

It is equipped with the condition and means necessary to develop research in the School library and Laboratories.The School Campus of IWAMBI is a landmark in progress and architecture.

With over 20 modern buildings on an integrated Campus, the School itself is a small town within the city Job opportunities at Harrison Uwata Girls Secondary school.

The most modern and complete infrastructure are at the disposal of the School teaching staff and students, providing all the facilities needed for their comfort and the successful completion of their work and study.

Currently we are serving about 800 total number of students of which ordinary level are … and the remaining are advanced level.

The school is located on over 15 acres on the South of Mbeya City, along Mbeya – Tunduma tarmac road on your left hand side just at the beginning of Mbalizi Hill (Slope) approximately 5 kilometers from Mbeya City centre opportunities at Harrison Uwata.

1. Mathematics and biology teachers

qualifications of the applicant 

<> Have a diploma or degree in those subjects.

<> He should have many teaching methods for students to understand well.

<> Must have experience teaching the subject for a period of at least four (4) years (attach the results where you have taught).

<> He should be self-motivated, who does not need to be supervised in all his duties.

<> Be able to work in all environments (flexible), sometimes beyond working hours.

SALARY | Renumaration

• It is an agreement and based on salary levels

Job opportunities at Harrison Uwata Girls Secondary school

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2. Secretary opportunities at Harrison Uwata

<> Proven work experience as a Secretary or Administrative Assistant.

<> Familiarity with office organization and optimization techniques.

<> High degree of multi-tasking and time management capability.

<> Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

<> Integrity and professionalism.

<> Proficiency in MS Office.

 3. Office Clerk

<>  Be able to speak and write English fluently

<> Be able to work independently without supervision

<> He should have studied at a university recognized by the government

<> Be able to use a computer effectively.


<> He should have a bachelor’s degree

<> Must have at least two (2) years of experience

<> Must be between 20 and 30 years of age

Apply via email: [email protected] Or through WhatsApp the following numbers +255759 243753 and +255758 076641


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