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Teachers Service Commission (TSC)


To be a leading institution in promoting excellence, accountability, and integrity in the provision of

quality teaching in Primary and Secondary Schools.


To ensure Primary and Secondary School teachers are highly motivated through appropriate appointments, promotion, discipline, and welfare management.

Core Values Of TSC


Employees shall observe requirements for professional conduct by applying the skills, knowledge, and competencies that meet the standards needed for the assignment.

Customer Focus 

Employees place the customer first by maintaining the philosophy of customer driven-service delivery and demonstrate a high level of responsiveness to customer needs at all levels.


Employees conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates honesty, high moral and ethical standards, and commitment to work.


Employees endeavor to introduce new ideas and approaches to improve Teachers’ Service Delivery at all levels.

Team Spirit

Employees are committed to working through cross-status and cross-functional teams in a manner that furnishes positive work relationships and enables share of information among colleagues at all levels.

Who we serve

The Commission serves teachers in the following categories: –

<> Primary and Secondary Teachers employed in the Public Service;

<> Teachers employed on a contract;

<> Teachers who completed their service, Teachers who changed cadres and joined other Employees in accordance with the procedures,  and staff who died before  1st July, 2004 whose salaries are paid by the Ministry of Finance and Planning (Treasury).

Functions of Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in Tanzania.

In accordance with Teachers Service Commission Act No. 25 of 2015 Section 5, the functions of the Commission are as follows:-

<> To maintain and administer the Teachers’ service;

<> To advise the Minister on the administration and maintenance of the Teachers’ service;

<> To appoint, promote and discipline Teachers;

<> To ensure equitable deployment and distribution of Teachers among and within local governments and schools;

<> To determine appeals from decisions of Disciplinary Authorities;

<> To maintain a register and records of all Teachers who are in the service;

<> To supervise Teachers’  in-service training programs;

<> To conduct research and evaluation on matters relating to Teachers’ service and advise the Minister accordingly;

<> To assess the teacher situation and advise the Minister responsible for Teachers training on the number, type and level of Teachers needed in the country;

<> To prescribe a code of ethics and conduct of Teachers’ service;

<> To maintain communication with District  Offices and on all or any matter relating to the development of Teachers’ service; and

<> To do any other thing or act, which in the opinion of the Minister, is conducive or incidental to the better carrying out its functions.


Teachers joining the Public Service are registered and provided with a so called TSC NUMBER, formally known as TSD NUMBER.

This is done by the Teachers’ Service Commission established by the Teachers’ Service Commission Act No. 25 of 2015.

The following are procedures for a teacher to be registered and provided with registration number;

1. A new employed teacher should fill 4 copies of employment agreement forms including medical examination and next of keen card.

Each of the 4 copies of agreement forms should be attached with one passport size, certified copies of academic certificates and transcript, certified copy of birth certificate.

2. Submission of complete filled copies of teachers’ employment agreement forms to the District office of the Teachers’ Service Commission for further scrutiny.

3. On completion of scrutiny, the District office shall, on consultation with the Headquarters office of the Commission, sign and issue letter of appointment and teachers registration number.



Teacher Service Commission, with responsibilities others, is responsible for implementing and managing the structure of the titles of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in the Public Service, Mainland Tanzania.

In carrying out that role, the Commission is considering instructions contained in various documents including: –

<> Staff Development Document No. 1 of 2014 on Teachers’ Cadre Structural Structures under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training;

<> Amendment “A” of the Staff Development Document Na. 1 of 2014. This amendment was prepared aimed at incorporating the National Vocational Education Awards (NTA) approved by the National Council for Education Vocational Training (NACTE) and Bachelor of Secondary Education from the University of Dodoma;

<> Service Report No.1 of 2011 regarding Recategorization process/promotion of public school teachers academically developed; and

<> Guides and other instructions accordingly provided by the Government.


<> In accordance with Service Circular No. 1 of 2014, Teacher Structure has four Cadres which are: –

1. College Trainers – Teachers with Teaching Degrees / Education they teach in Teachers Colleges;

2. Teacher Grade C – Teachers with Bachelor of Education

3. Teacher Grade B – Diploma Teachers

4. Teacher Grade A – Teachers with a Teacher’s Certificate


Whereas, In accordance with Article no. 2 of the Teachers’ Service Commission Act By 25 of 2015, the Commission is dealing with Primary and Secondary School teachers those in the Public Service, in This topic will look at the titles and levels of salaries for that group only.


As the teacher progresses from one level of Education to go to another level he has to be replaced based on guidelines and documents such as provided by the Secretary-General.

<> Staff Development Document No. 1 of 2014 on Teachers’ Cadre Structural Structures under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training;

<> Service Letter No. 1 of 2011 about the process of changing teachers / rank teachers self-developed

<> According to Staff Circular No. 1 of 2011, A teacher who changes position after self-improvement he will be given a title commensurate with the salary he had before self-development. (Horizontal)

Example: – Senior Grade A teacher with a salary of TGTS E Advanced Diploma Level,
he will be transferred to the rank of Teacher Grade IB at the level of salary TGTS E, or developing at the level of The degree will be changed to the rank of Master Class IIC for salary level TGTS E.

Thus, in order In this case, the Master will not be reinstated lower salary than he was receiving before self-development.



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