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JUCO Online Application System Apply Here

Jordan University College Selected Applicants JUCO Online Application System Apply Here

JUCO Online Application System Apply Here

On April 16, 2010 the General Council of the Society of the Divine Saviour resolved to transform the Salvatorian Institute into a constituent college of St. Augustine University of Tanzania with the name of Jordan University College.

On November 2, 2010 the College received from The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) the Certificate of Provisional Registration.

The Institution was led by: Fr. David Brusky, SDS, the first rector of the Seminary (1993-1996), Fr. Stanislaw Golus, SDSwas the second rector in the transition from the Seminary to the Institute (1996-1999)

The third rector was Fr. Julian Bednarz, SDS (1999-2005), and the last rector of the Institute was Fr. Bernard Witek, SDS (2005-2010) who continues to lead the Institution as the first principal (2010- ).


JUCO is devoted to create and expand opportunities for quality higher education in Tanzania and beyond by offering competitive, demand-driven and community-relevant academic and professional degree and non-degree programmes.


JUCO intends to be a self-sustaining centre of excellence in higher education devoted to the advancement, refinement, dissemination and application of values, knowledge in order to understand and transform our world from within and in our context.

African Studies and philosophical subjects inserted in every department offering BA degree underline the need to motivate, emphasise and nurture the African psychological, socio-economic and political awareness geared towards preparing selfconfident African scholars and leaders.


Step 1 : Read Application Requirements

Please click the link to read Admission Requirements before starting the application process The following documents are necessary in order to complete your application:

i. O-Level Certificate (CSEE)

ii. Birth certificate/affidavit

iii. A-Level Certificate (ACSEE)

iv. Applicant with VETA Certificate will upload the scanned original O-Level and VETA Certificate in PDF or Image

v. Applicant with foreign O-Level Certificate will upload Scanned Original O-Level certificate and Equivalent letter from NECTA in PDF or Image

vi. Applicants with Basic technical certificate or equivalent will upload Original scanned certificate and transcript in PDF or Image

Step 2 : Start Application/Basic Information

i. Carefully select your correct Application Type and current education level at right side

ii. Enter all the required information.

iii. You will be automatically logged into the system based on the username and password.

iv. The system automatically saves your information

v. You must provide a valid email address (Active email Address) and phone number for verifying your account.

vi. Don’t forget your username and password..

Step 3 : Contact Information

i. After Completing Registration Process Step 2, You will be automatically logged into the system based on the username and password entered in Step 2

ii. The system will redirect you to fill in your contacts details.

iv. Please fill in all required field in this section.

Step 4 : Next of Kin (Parents/Guardian)

This section requires you to fill in your Parents/Guardians Information including Contacts Information (Name, Contacts e.t.c.)

Step 5 : Application Fee Payment)

i. The Applicants will be required to choose mode of payment as the system will be displayed three Mobile money services which are Tigo Pesa,Mpesa and Airtel money

ii. Application fee is 10,000 (Bachelor Degree, Certificate and Diploma programmes), 30,000 for Postgraduate diploma and Masters programmes, 50,000 for PhD programmes/=

Step 6 : Choose/Select Programme to Study

i. Before Select/Choose Programmes, please make sure you have read our Admission Requirements.

ii. You will be required to select/Choose three (3) Programmes from available list as First Choice, Second Choice, Third Choice.

Step 7 : Review and Submit your Application

Before you submit your application. You are required to review all of the Information for correctness. Edit to correct in case of any error. Remember after submission you will not be able to change any information. So be carefully to review and correct all information before submit.


<> The system is open from 15th May ,2021 to 30th August ,2o21

<> You will be able to visit your account profile to see the status of your application


1. Your name must be the same as in Form IV Certificate

2. Date of Birth must be the same as in Birth Certificate

3. Form IV index Number must be the same as in Form IV Certificate

4. Failure to any of the above, Your application will be disqualified

5. Make sure Application Type and Entry Type are correct before submit form in the right side because you will not be able to start any new application

6. Once Form IV Index Number Registered, you will not be able to change it.

7. Application fee must be paid within four (4) days from the first day of filling an application, otherwise your account will be deleted permanent.

8. Make sure you read Admission requirement before selecting/Choose programmes.

JUCO – Online Application System (OAS)

The Principal, Jordan Univeristy College (JUCO) invites suitably qualified candidates for admission into various programmes for the academic year 2022/2023.

Applicants are required to apply online through this portal and follow instructions given to complete their applications. Payment can be done via mobile money (M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa and Airtel Money) or directly into JUCO bank account – NMB after getting reference number.

In case of Technical Problems during the application process please contact our IT Staff at 0783 659 567. For issues to deal with courses of study and clarifications of Entry requirements please contact our Admissions office at 0765 660 606 / 0717 781 455 .
Applicants must: Carefully read and understand the Programmes Admission Requirements

   July 30, 2022 for Certificate & Diploma   Round I
   August 05, 2022 for Bachelor Degree   Round I
   August 31, 2022 for Masters & Postgraduate Diploma   Round I
   August 31, 2022 for PhD   Round I

Click link to start application: Start Application.

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