How Create Tasks & Subtasks And Submit - ESS Utumishi (PEPMIS)

How Create Tasks & Subtasks And Submit – ESS Utumishi (PEPMIS)

How Create Tasks & Subtasks And Submit - ESS Utumishi (PEPMIS) ESS Utumishi How To Write And Submit Daily Activities (Subtasks) - PEPMIS, How to Check if You Have Been Promoted 2024/2025 - ESS Utumishi - PEPMIS - Tanzania

How Create Tasks & Subtasks And Submit – ESS Utumishi (PEPMIS)

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What is ESS Utumishi?

Developed by the President’s Office-Public Service Management and Good Governance (PSMGG) of Tanzania, ESS Utumishi is an online platform designed specifically for public servants.

It empowers them to manage their employment information and access crucial work-related details conveniently.

What can you do on the ESS Utumishi Portal?

ESS Utumishi offers a variety of functionalities that streamline various aspects of public service employment. Here are some key features:

i. Access personal information

View and update your personal details, such as name, contact information, and employment number. 

Viewing and Updating Personal Information: Access and update your personal details such as name, contact information, and next of kin.

ii. Review salary details

Check your payslips and access past salary information electronically. (ess utumishi go tz salary). 

Salary Information: Access your payslips, view your salary details, and track your tax deductions.

Pay slip Download: Download your payslips in a printable format for your records.

iii. Manage service records

Gain easy access to your service history and track your career progression within the Tanzanian public service. (ess utumishi go tz service record)

iv. Submit requests

Electronically submit various service-related requests, potentially eliminating the need for paper-based processes. (ess utumishi go tz request)

v. Leave Management

Apply for different types of leave, track your leave balance, and view your leave history.

vi. Transfer Requests

Submit transfer requests electronically within the government sector (subject to approval).

ix. Performance Management

Access your performance appraisals and related documents (if applicable to your department). (PEPMIS)

Using the Performance Evaluation Module (PEPMIS)

The Performance Evaluation Module (PEPMIS) is an essential tool within the ESS Utumishi platform. 

It enables employees and employers to set goals, objectives and tasks, to achieve performance evaluations within a defined timeframe. 

Here’s how you can utilize this module effectively:

A. Accessing PEPMIS

Click on the PEPMIS module within the ESS Utumishi platform. The module will open and display six steps related to employee performance evaluation:

1. Annual Institutional Performance Planning

2. Implementation and Monitoring

3. Annual Institutional Performance Plan Update

4. Employee Performance Assessment

5. Employee Performance Assessment Referral and Appeal

6. Report

B. Adding Tasks and Subtasks

i. Click on the first element of PEPMIS to begin. You will see a dashboard with options to create tasks and subtasks. 

ii. Provide details such as start and end dates, weight, performance indicators, and actions.

iii. Click on ‘+Create Task’ to enter your first objective and save it.

iv. Repeat this process for all your goals for the year.

v. Use the ‘Action’ options to create, view, edit, delete, or submit subtasks.

Important Notes:

Ensure the accuracy of your tasks and subtasks before submitting them, as once submitted, they can only be viewed by your supervisor.

After submission and finalization by your supervisor, you can track the start and end dates of your tasks and subtasks effectively.

Alerts in PEPMIS

PEPMIS provides three types of alerts to employees and employers, ensuring effective goal management and timely completion:

Green Alert: This alert indicates that there is ample time to work on and submit your goals to your supervisor.

Yellow Alert: This alert indicates that there is limited time left to complete and submit your goals.

Red Alert: This alert warns that the deadline is imminent, urging prompt action.