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Characteristics And Importance of Good Black Board

Characteristics And Importance of Good Black Board

Characteristics And Importance of Good Black Board

Blackboard; comes from its black color. This is flat surface feature it can be a board made of wood or fiber, however the term today start changing and called the chalkboard so long chalks are used.

According to Geoffrey

  A blackboard is defined as a flat surface feature, it can be a board made of          wood, fiber or sometime made plastered on the wall of the class. The board is painted black to reflect the white chalks used to write on it”

The blackboard was invented by James Pillans; headmaster of Royal High school Edinburgh Scotland He used it with colored chalk to teach geography. The chalkboard was in use in Indian schools in the 11th century as per Alberuni’s Indica (Tarikh Al-Hind), written in the early 11th century

– They use black tablets for the children in the schools, and write upon them along the long side, not the broadside, writing with a white material from the left to the right. The term “blackboard” dates from around 1815 to 1825 while the newer and predominantly American term, “chalkboard” dates from 1935 to 1940  The chalkboard was introduced into the US education system in 1801

Teaching aid

Is anything that used by the teacher to assist teaching. To assist teaching means help the student to understand the concept immediately when the teacher is teaching or help you create memory to students about what he lent. As Has wrote

Teaching aid is that what assist a teacher to facilitate learning and making the learning so attractive and interactive”

Blackboard as teaching aids is very important tools used by a teacher to facilitate learning and improve reading and others skills. It is used to reinforce skills or facts and relieve anxiety, fears or boredom because teaching aid is like a game.

A Teacher is, a person who assisting others to attaining their objectives he assist others to pursue their goals and widening their capacity and level of thinking

Characteristics of good Black board:-

It must be flat. The flatness’ of the chalkboard help the clear vision of the writings and also it helps the writing to be smooth. The board must be at the place where it can be visible to all students.

The proposed place is in front of the class where it can be visible to all students. The board should be wide enough to occupy enough content to be presented instead of rubbing it all the time and the students fail to connect the concepts explained.

The position of the blackboard from the direction of the light should be considered. This is to avoid reflection of light which may affect the appearance letters on the blackboard.

Preparation for good black board writing

The preparation for blackboard work involves the possession of tools involved in the blackboard work. Such as possession of tools like, the board ruler, compass for drawing circles, a clean eraser, a pointer and chalk or maker pen.

Blackboard writing

Make sure that the blackboard is clean. Divide the blackboard it considerable part depend on the way you want to present your content. Avoid subdivision which could confuse the students.

The normal division is three parts which is used as introduction, lesson development part and the part to conduct the rough work. The margin should be indicated clearly.

Determine the amount that the chalk writing will remain in the blackboard. It is better to practice that and see the information fit smoothly with lesson.

Characteristics And Importance of Good Black Board

How to use blackboard,

Sequence the work so that relationship of the previous item is really apparent .The concepts should developed in a productive way from simple to complex. The lines should be written in the horizontal straight line. Avoid writing upward or downward.

The color chalks should be used with a create care only to emphasize important keys. Use correct spelling and grammar. To insist it Reilly wrote “incorrect spelling and grammar may lead to in creditable of a teacher by student it may lead to embarrassments

Make material simple and to the point the lesson flow and not boring. Use pointer to emphasis things and also to point to the items on the blackboard so that it can be seen clearly. Stand one side of the blackboard as you write.

Pause frequently to capture and maintain student attention. Don’t over crow the blackboard; that may lead to confusion. Talk after writing. Don’t do the two simultaneously. Make sure that whatever is written in the blackboard is seen by the students.

Characteristics And Importance of Good Black Board

Importance of the black board as the teaching aid.

Blackboard is the traditional visual aids that are very important part of the classroom teaching. it bear the teacher with the following advantages.

 It makes the teaching effectives

Effective teaching is when the entire student involved on their pace of learning. The blackboard makes the learning cooperative between the teacher and the student. this occur when the teacher invite student to share some of the ideas on the blackboard.

Classroom management

The main purpose of the teaching aid is to make the teacher to manage the class. Because the class is cooperatives then the discipline of the class will be improved. The teacher will also manage to present his lesson in the sequential order.

The blackboard can be used for discussion and presentation. Bello on insisting about the importance of blackboard he wrote “the discussion between a teacher and the class intermediated by the blackboard”

Control the pace of learning

As the teacher writing on the blackboard  he found himself deferent from using other r teaching aids like audio visual, tapes or decoders . This is because the mentioned aids cannot control the speed of the student to learn.

The teacher’s personality is very important to make students remember. It is quite possible for the student to learn the changing actions of the teachers. A teacher can change immediately when he sees the student does not understand or bored.

It is a natural slide

A slide is a picture in motion. A teacher interacts with a blackboard. Writing something. Turns to the student and talk. Then he turns again to the blackboard and draws a sketch. He took the pointer and indicates the important part.

He calls for the student in front of the class to explain something. The student present their work and the teacher present the points on the blackboard. By doing all this actions Philip said “Is like a moving slide that interesting student to the maximum”

Cope with student of different learning abilities

Every student has his learning styles. Some learn immediately when they see. Some learn when they touch and some when hearing. There is no other teaching aid that can incorporate in it all this styles at the same time rather than a blackboard.

The pictured presented the words written on the blackboard and listening to the teacher all makes all students of different characteristics to be benefitted.

Characteristics And Importance of Good Black Board


One of the characteristics of the good teacher is flexibility the flexible teacher learns immediately as the way his student learns. He adhere with the changes that shown by the student.

These changes also adhere with the changing on the use of teaching aids, in this case the blackboard. So it is a great lucky to use the teaching aids that changing with time as Hudgins said “The blackboard can be rubbed several times and the correction of pictures or others features to be made

Enhances Student Comprehension Skills.

The notes written by the teacher on the board serves as a guide for the students in understanding the lesson. The students are able to take down correct information as they can validate them on the notes written by the teacher on the chalkboard.

The use of chalkboard in the classroom may help teachers get an immediate feedback from the students regarding their level of comprehension. As the teacher writes the lessons on the board, the students may inform the teacher whether they understand them or not.

Multipurpose teaching aid

The blackboard can be used to draw picture, explanation can be written on the blackboard, and this is the place where the student present their trial.  The notes are written on the blackboard. It permit contrast, it implies actions and allow the eras correction.

Characteristics And Importance of Good Black Board


Students’ attention is a crucial element in classroom management. Having visual reinforcements on the blackboard increases the attention span of students.

Allowing them to participate in class through board works enhances their interest in learning which makes classroom management easier for the teachers.

Utilizing one of the black boards for sale in the classroom improves teacher-student interaction. Students have the opportunity to participate in the lessons in class.

As supported by studies, using chalkboards also increases the learning of specific subjects. This is an example of the famous quote of Benjamin Franklin that says, “Tell me, and I Forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.”



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