How Technology Is Important In Education? CHALLENGES OF GLOBALIZATION IN TANZANIA importance of technology


What is globalization?

Globalization: refers to the situation of increasing of world interconnection and interdependence of various aspects of life which include social, political, technological and economical aspects.

However globalization it has made the world be as a single village because of increase in networking system among the global aspects of life. Normally globalization has integrated the different aspects of the world into a global village.

It involves integration of economy, politics, culture, science and technology among nations. The process of globalization is largely facilitated by  rapid  advancement of science and technology.

PHASES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF GOBALIZATION Effect of globalization in Tanzania Driving forces of globalization GLOBALIZATION


Qn: Briefly explain six points on the opportunities.

1. Market opportunity

Globalization has opened high range of markets in the world. There are different companies that open global markets for goods and services.

The presence of wide range of markets are can be secured through manually and online communication.

2. Modern technology opportunity

Globalization offer the opportunities of technology which enable various countries to compete globally in the world. Technology help to simplify production in various fields like in industries, health, education, agriculture, security and in other economic sectors.

However there is variation in level of technology between the developed and in developing countries.

3. Financial and capital investment opportunity

Globalization has increased and improved the access of financial and capital investment. State under globalization compete each other in free market economy through creating conducive environment or policies for attracting much foreign investment.

However there are various international institutions that offer financial assistance to the developing countries in terms of loans so as to enable developing countries to operate trade worldwide, these include international monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB).

4. Education opportunity

Education is a key catalyst of Globalization and development at large, hence existence of many literate people increase the level of Globalization in the country and can therefore presence of Globalization is a core influential to the improvement of education.

Education through the use of Globalization has enabled people to share skills, knowledge and intellectual properties which are very essential for national development.

5. Democratization opportunity

Normally globalization has high influence to the development of democracy in the world through facilitating and providing high range transparency, simplifying right of expression among people and proving new techniques of promoting and protecting human rights, like freedom of movement.

6. Health opportunity

Normally Globalisation has increased and improved health services worldwide due to the innovation of new modern medicine and modern equipments for detecting different dangerous diseases. Therefore through Globalisation help to improve health.



Qn: Examine six challenges posed by globalization in Tanzania.

QN: In six points explain the key handicaps which hinder  Tanzania  to  compete with world globalized countries? Six points.

1. Low level of the use of communication system.

In Tanzania the use  of  global communication system such as internet communication, satellites and mobile phones still very low compared to the developed countries due to low level of science and technology as well as poor living conditions.

2. Low production level

Many economic sectors in Tanzania like agriculture, industry, mining, fishing and transportation are not well developed in their production level to compete with developed nations. This is due to the use low technology in production.

3. Low level of education

The education sector in Tanzania is facing big challenge to compete with today’s in needed knowledgeable society.

The level of education in Tanzania cannot fail to meet the needs of the people to compete with today’s In needed globalized world due to low skills, and knowledge. E.g. marketing skills.

4. Low savings and investment

Low savings, caused by low income resulted from low production capacity caused by the use of poor tools in production.

Normally low saving may prolong the vicious cycle of poverty among Tanzanians. However the investment level is another challenge in Tanzania due to poor infrastructure.

5. Poor infrastructure

This is another challenge which hinder Tanzania to compete world globalized countries due to poor transportation system such poor roads, railways, etc.

6. Low level of science and technology

Due to the low level of education, poor infrastructure, shortage of experts, low capitals.

7. Weak financial institutions

The extent of financial flow in most developing countries like Tanzania is very low. Hence this cause lagging behind in competition with developed countries.

8. Poor governance

The wide range operation of Globalization in Tanzania in affected negatively by the poor governance like corruption where most fund invested for running different productive.

9. Shortage of expert

There is the problem of shortage of man power who can bring innovation in different sectors.

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Qn: By giving six points, suggest the strategies to be adopted by Tanzania to curb the challenges posed by globalization.

QN: What should be done to make Tanzania to be one of  the  world  competitive country in globalization? Six points.

1. Creation of good policies

Tanzanian government should create policies which focus on it’s own problems and lay strategies to reduce poverty by focusing on social services such as healthcare, education and security to her citizens.

2. Creation of stable government

There should be presence of responsible and transparency to the government.

3. To improves quality education

Education should be given significant priority and made compulsory to all people. Tanzanian government should make sure that most Tanzanian a get quality education which wills cope with challenges brought by globalization.

4. To ensure proper utilization of resources

The environmental resource should be utilized in a sustainable way. These include both land resources, water resources, forest resources as well as human resources.

5. To improve infrastructure

These include railways, roads, and other aspects related to communication system. This will improves productive activities.

6. To encourage domestic investors than external investors

This will help to create more room for technological improvement in the country.

7. To improve the level of technology.

8. Training much of experts.

9. To improve financial sectors, both internal and public financial institutions.

10. To improve regional integration. This will provide wide range of markets and resulted in to development of economy and Globalization at large.


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