Ajira Portal: How to Register and Apply Job Tanzania

Ajira Portal: How to Register and Apply Job Tanzania

Ajira Portal: How to Register and Apply Job Tanzania

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How to Register and Apply Job On Ajira Portal | Recruitment Portal User Guide

Recruitment Portal User Guide: How to Register and Apply Job On Ajira Portal

This guideline intends to show the users how to use the recruitment portal effectively. By going through this, the reader will be able to get information on how to register, create profiles, apply for available vacancies and get the feedback on their application status.

The Recruitment portal home page is the starting point of your application journey.

The following features are found at the homepage.

Home -Return you to the home page

Vacancies– Displays the list of all vacancies, the list can be filtered based on job description, job category, opening date and closed date

Log in– This allows user to log in to an existing account, complete profile make application(s) and subscribe to job alerts.

Register -This is where a user register and create an account on the recruitment portal before apply for a vacancy

Feedback– Users can use the Feedback link to communicate in case they encounter any issue/problem that need attention/clarifications from the administrator.

Application general conditions -This shows all the conditions which applicants should comply with.


Click On the “register” button on the recruitment portal home page.

Enter your email address and password (which will be used as a username and password respectively during log in to the system). Click the register button to continue with the registration process.

Important things to note:

1. Confirm the password to make sure it entered correctly. Upon successful creation of an account, you will receive a confirmation email through the email address you have provided with a link to activate your account. Make sure you open your inbox to see this email.

2. Most of the communication between Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) and Applicants will be via email.

3. Please ensure you register with a secure and individual email address which you regularly check. You will only need to register once and make applications across multiple available vacancies in the portal.

4. Please ensure that you keep your password safe and secure

2. Registration Successful Message

NOTE: Only activated account will be usable, if you don’t find the email confirmation in your inbox, please try to check it in your junk folder (spam).

3. Login

Login using the email address and password entered during registration.

After login you will be taken to the applicant Dashboard. The top menu will contain the links to access the Home, Vacancies, My Applications, Register to Job Alerts, Change Password, logout and Feedback

The Applicant’s information will be filled in the following tabs: Personal details, Contact Details, Academic Qualification, Professional Qualification, Language Proficiency, Working Experience, Training & Workshop Attended, Computer Literacy, Referees, Other Attachments and Declaration.

Applicants completed their profile properly are far more likely to be considered to the next step (shortlisted), so make sure your profile is complete to increase your chance, system tracks your profile completion (percentage of completion) automatically while you fill the details in the mentioned tabs above, the details can be filled anytime regardless there are some vacancies or not, the percent of your profile completion can be seen on the Dashboard.

During the process of filling profile forms you may be asked to upload supporting document to be used on your applications. Make sure that you scan each document separately and save them in PDF format that is the widely supported format in the recruitment portal

4. Declaration

After filling out all the necessary, you are required to declare that all the information is correct and truthful. By clicking this, you have agreed that the information is correct. Entering incorrect or/and false information is grounds for disqualification at any stage of the recruitment process.

How to Register and Apply Job On Ajira Portal: How to apply for jobs

As soon as you have completed your profile to at least 70%, you will now be able to apply for any job vacancies that are open at the time.

1.Click on the “vacancies” button in the main menu

2. You can then search for a specific vacancy using any combination of the search keyword or Category filters.

Note: if you are not logged in, you will be required to login first then apply for chosen post.

3. On more details tab you will find all the details concerning a particular post, these details include, Qualifications, Duties and Responsibilities, Salary Scale and all other relevant information

4. Click on the ‘Apply’ Button

5. Read the information displayed and if you agree with said information, attach a signed application letter and click Confirm button to Finalize Your Application Process


1. The system will mark ‘CLOSED’ vacancies that have already closed and applicants will not be able to apply.

2. You will not be able to apply for a job vacancy if you have not updated your NIDA information in the portal.

3. Ensure that your application letter has been signed by you.

My Applications

My Applications you will be able to see all the job applications you have completed. You will be able to see the status of all your application from start of the process to finish.

Through the application status you will be able to see the following:-

1. Whether you application has been received or not. If the job vacancy you have applied for is not visible in this list, it means you did not complete the application process hence you need to repeat it.
2. Whether you have been shortlisted or not shortlisted. If not shortlisted, the reason will be specified.

3. Call for interview (these can be written, practical and oral interviews).

4. If you have been successful, the status will show your placement as well.

Editing Application Letter

If you realise that you have made a mistake in attaching your application letter, you can edit the letter that you have attached and add a new correct application letter. Note: this can only be done while the application process is still open

After clicking the edit button you will be required to attach the correct application letter and click on to save the changes into the system. I wish You Understand Well  Step by Step

Click Here To Register

Visit Ajira Portal to Register Your Account Now: http://portal.ajira.go.tz/