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About Us

Who we Are? 

DUKARAHISI.COM is a website that dealing with updating people with Job And Education.

As Duka Rahisi we firmly believe that everyone should have access to education and career opportunities, regardless of their location. 

Our mission is to offer students and individuals the essential resources and supports they need to navigate the intricacies of studying

Our team comprises skilled experts with extensive knowledge of the challenges that students and individuals encounter while seeking education and career prospects.

Our commitment is to offer our users thorough and current details on education systems, universities, scholarship options and education opportunities

Visit us to get all news as follows below

1. Education Articles (Teaching and Learning Materials)

2. Universities Updates (Applications, Selections and Admissions)

3. Jobs In Tanzania (Job Opportunities, Call for interview and Placement)

4. Scholarship Opportunities (Availability and Deadlines, Tips for Best Applications)

5. Education institutionss news like HESLB, NECTA, NACTE, TAMISEMI, TCU and other more

Whether you’re a student aspiring for higher education, a professional seeking career growth, or someone planning to develop your education and career development , DUKARAHISI.COM is your reliable guide throughout your journey. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives and making your dreams come true.

Start your journey towards a better future today by joining us!

Thanks and visit DUKARAHISI.COM daily